Multibeam • Side-Scan Sonar • Magnetometer • Sub-Bottom Profiler 


ARES, a 6,000m deep tow survey system, ships in 3 x 20ft containers and is designed for mobilization on vessels of opportunity. The ARES system is made up of a Dynacon traction winch with 10km of 0.68 umbilical, LARS, depressor and neutral buoyant towfish. The system primary sensors are 2 x 7125 multibeam sonars with simultaneous collection of side-scan and sub-bottom profiling data (optional). The extremely stable towfish platform surveys at speeds between one to five knots. A proprietary feature is the ability to undertake Inverted USBL (iUSBL) tracking of towfish over long laybacks. Rather than mounting the USBL transceiver on the vessel in the traditional manner, with iUSBL the transceiver is installed on the towed body itself providing a positioning solution for long layback tracking of the towfish. This method eliminates the need for repeated system calibration, whilst the accuracy and repeatability of the acoustics is improved as the transceiver is located in a low noise, dynamically stable environment.

Key Advantages

  • Self-contained system in 3 x 20 foot containers

  • Full resolution multibeam with real-time data acquisition
    200Khz and 400Khz

  • Optional side-scan, sub bottom and magnetometer data collection
    from the same vehicle

  • Precision positioning reducing repeatable error of datasets,
    no USBL vessel requirement

  • 6,000m depth capability (tracked and operated to 5,700m)