CLIO owns a trenching vehicle that has  been custom configured to preform precision survey work or ultra-heavy work class ROV intervention tasks. Both systems can also be reconfigured with the jetting and track package to perform cable burial work.

ZEUS  is 250 HP and driven by eight powerful hydraulic thrusters, they are rated to operate down to depths of 2,500 meters.  The ZEUS range of ROVs are equipped with advanced positioning equipment as standard (INS, DVL, DigiQuartz depth sensor, SVP and integrated USBL or LBL aiding). The telemetry system is a Prizm3 mux with expandable 232/485/Ethernet cards. Both systems have spare SM fibers for additional mux capability or third-party equipment. The ZEUS system is fitted with a suite of HMI and LED lights to illuminate pitch-black deep-ocean sites to enable high-definition still and broadcast quality video capture. The systems are equipped with up to nine cameras depending on application, they include full broadcast quality HD, (dedicated fiber), digital still, composite surveillance cameras, low light and acoustic cameras.

The ROV has two Schilling seven-function Conan position feedback manipulator arms with a lift capacity of 180kg at full extension. Small and delicate items can be picked up individually with a silicone limpet device attached to the ROV’s port manipulator arm. Both  ROVs have a detachable proprietary Sediment Removal and Filtration System or SeRF™. This Venturi system channels sediments and small items into a collection and filtration chamber while sediments exhaust through an opening xc at the rear of the unit. The SeRF™ system may also be configured to retain sediments for sieving. At the core of the Venturi system is adjustable speed jetting pumps and a 4” nozzle that can be used either as a blower or for suction of seabed material.


Key Advantages

  • Proven track record over 12 years of operations worldwide in a variety
    of different operations

  • Skilled team who have been with the system over 12 years

  • Due to size and horsepower the system is very stable in all subsea conditions

  • Turnkey solution offered to cover project survey and navigation requirements

  • Equipped with advanced survey sensor suite and acoustic positioning as standard

  • Convertible from neutrally buoyant ROV to negatively buoyant tracked trencher

  • Heavy work-class system with massive payload and room to integrate any third-party equipment package

  • Through frame lift of 2000kgs

  • 2,500m depth capability