Successful projects require not only the right equipment and platform, but also an experienced team to research and develop projects, efficiently operate the tools, and interpret the results.


Leading researchers, project managers, ROV pilots, surveyors, geophysicists, subsea engineers, archaeologists, geologists and scientists from all corners of the globe work for OMEX, and we continue to attract the best minds in this industry. CLIO team members have been involved in high-profile projects including operations for the  of the SS Gairsoppa, SS Central America and the Challenger space shuttle recovery mission, as well as other shipwreck, mineral and marine survey projects for the traditional oil & gas and submarine telecommunications market throughout the world. Some of the most qualified individuals in the industry work for OMEX and now CLIO, but more importantly they have been working together as a team for over 10 years on challenges globally. From operating, modifying, and maintaining each element of OMEX’s subsea equipment to analyzing results and developing new tools hundreds of miles offshore, this is a dedicated team and not a group of contractors pulled together for one project.

Andrew Craig - Director of Marine Operations

One of OMEX's longest-serving offshore employees, Andrew Craig started with the company as a trainee side-scan tech in 2003 and has worked his way through every facet of offshore operations to now head up operations. As Marine Operation Director, he is responsible for the management and acquisition of OMEX’s high-tech deep-ocean tools as well as leading operations aboard OMEX’s vessels. Mr. Craig has extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering and the archaeological operations of recovery using ROVs. Mr. Craig has a Bachelor of Sciences, with honors, in Underwater Studies with Hydrography from Plymouth University. Mr. Craig has also earned a Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering from Lackham College.

John Longley -  President and Chief Operating Officer 

John Longley was appointed Chief Operating Officer of OMEX in October 2014 and has also served as Senior Vice President and Director of Business Operations since he joined OMEX in 2005. With over 25 years of marketing and business strategy experience, he has been integral in growing the company’s business opportunities including its attractions, the monetization of valuable shipwreck finds and exploring new deep-ocean opportunities that utilize OMEX’s core competencies. Mr. Longley graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications with a specialty in Advertising from Florida State University in 1989.