The CLIO ROV is configured to perform precision survey work or light work-class ROV intervention tasks.  The vehicle frame is constructed of high strength 6061-T6 aluminum that is free flooding and protected from corrosion with readily available sacrificial zinc anodes.  CLIO is driven by four horizontal and two vertical thrusters and is rated to operate down to depths of 6,000 meters, with its buoyancy derived from syntactic foam.   The telemetry system is a Prizm mini mux with expandable 232/485/Ethernet cards and a spare SM fiber for additional mux capability or third-party equipment.  CLIO is fitted with a suite of LED lights to illuminate pitch-black deep-ocean sites to enable high-definition still and broadcast quality video capture.   The system is equipped with up to five cameras depending on the application, they include a Kongsberg full broadcast quality HD (dedicated fiber) camera, a Kongsberg digital stills camera and composite surveillance cameras.  CLIO has two Hydro-Lek five function manipulators.   The ROV comes with a complete LARS with integrated HPU and winch holding 6500-7000m of triple armored three fiber cable as well as a control workshop and spares container.

Key Advantages

  • Skilled team who have been with the system since its development and construction

  • Turnkey solution offered to cover project survey and navigation requirements

  • Equipped with advanced survey sensor suite and acoustic positioning as standard

  • Light work-class system with good payload and room to integrate any third-party equipment package

  • Through frame lift of 100kgs

  • 6,000m depth capability​