Commercial Survey Project

2016 • Mediterranean Sea • 1,500 meters

On behalf of a subsea network integrator, OMEX team aboard the Odyssey Explorer performed a submarine cable route survey utilizing the ARES Deep Tow Survey System as well as other mapping and remote sensing equipment, geotechnical equipment and ship mounted Simrad EM302 and Reson 7160 multibeam systems.

*Classified* Recovery Project

2015 • Classified Location • 2,000 meters

Archaeological excavation conducted aboard the Odyssey Explorer utilizing ROV ZEUS for the recovery of cargo and the RESON 7125 for a multibeam survey.

Target Search

2015 • Western Approaches, English Channel • 100-300 meters

Anomaly search for a client, OMEX team conducted a RESON 7125 multibeam survey and site inspections using ROV ZEUS on board the Odyssey Explorer.

Deep Sea Coral Survey

2015 • Gulf of Alaska • 600 meters

On behalf of a US government agency, a deep-sea coral survey on board the Dorado Discovery utilizing ROV ZEUS was conducted under a contract with Pelagic Research Services.

Repair Canyon Node

2015 • North Pacific Ocean • 1,500 meters

On behalf of a university and research program, OMEX crew aboard the Dorado Discovery deployed ROV ZEUS for a barklay canyon node repair project under contract with Pelagic Research Services.

"Olympus" Project

2015 • North Atlantic Ocean • 350 meters

Identification and inspection of five target sites using the Odyssey Explorer and its technology including RESON 7160 multibeam, RESON 7125 multibeam, DSS2000 sub-bottom profiler and ROV ZEUS.

SS Central America Shipwreck

2014 • Eastern Atlantic Ocean • 2,200 meters

Under contract for the Receiver of the shipwreck, OMEX team employed ROV ZEUS to recover hundreds of coins and artifacts. A 161,000-square-meter, high-resolution video survey of the shipwreck and surrounding seabed using the RESON 7125 multibeam system was also completed. The project resulted in the recovery of more than 15,500 gold and silver coins, 45 gold bars and hundreds of other gold nuggets, gold dust, jewelry and artifacts.

"Don Diego" Phosphate Deposit

2012 • Bay of Ulloa • 100 meters

The OMEX team aboard the Dorado Discovery conducted an identification, resource assessment and environmental program which included multibeam utilization, CTD, multi-core and six meter core acquisition on the submarine phosphate deposit. ROV ZEUS was utilized for guided sediment sampling, equipment placement and recovery (current meter), visual site inspection and environmental inspection/baseline edification.

SS Gairsoppa

2011 • North Atlantic Ocean • 4,700 meters

Under contract to the UK government, the search and location of the shipwreck was performed using side-scan,  multibeam and ROV ZEUS. Once the recovery portion of the project commenced specialized tools, including the hydraulic shear, grab, hot stab and deck plate remover were used to surgically cut open the steel ship and access its silver cargo.

Chatham Rise

2011 • New Zealand • 450 meters

Utilizing the RV Dorado Discovery, OMEX provided vessel and technical support for the project by acquiring multibeam/backscatter sonar, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profile, and environmental data along with vibracore and bulk samples. ROV ZEUS II and the RESON 7125 multibeam were both utilized to perform this project.

SMS Campaign

2010 • South Pacific • 1,000-3,000 meters

Odyssey’s RV Dorado Discovery was utilized to conduct ship-mounted multibeam/backscatter sonar, sidescan sonar, Tow-Yo water chemistry, geologic and ROV multibeam, video surveys and sampling at depths ranging from < 1,000 m to 3,000m.

SS Republic

2003 • Eastern Atlantic Ocean • 518 meters

Using advanced side-scan sonar and magnetometer technology 1,000 square miles were covered in the search survey. ROV ZEUS was configured to conduct survey measurement, photography, manipulation and excavation.

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