This suite of hydraulic cutting tools allows for remote decommissioning or salvage to be conducted in a surgically accurate fashion. These specialist tools are coupled to a active heave compensated winch with dyneema rope and then positioned and actuated by a WROV.

Ability to cut through two inches of solid steel or 12” beams to prepare deck plates and beams for removal.

Force: 800 tons
Weight: 3.5 tons
Jaw Opening: 480 mm
SWL: 20 tons

Deck Plate Remover
Custom designed for precisely removing thick steel deck, one piece at a time.
Crushing Force: 1,200 ton
Weight: 6.5 tons
Jaw Opening: 2,200 mm
SWL: 20 tons

Custom designed tines for removal of bulk cargo which is tightly packed together.
Weight: 1.5 tons
Jaw Opening: 2,500 mm
SWL: 5 tons

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